Courses on blockchain technology in India

December 6, 2022

Courses on blockchain technology in India


With the world experiencing numerous developments in this space, the prominence of Blockchain courses has been on the rising trend. Many private organizations are providing full-time, part-time, and professional certifications on various Blockchain technologies to aficionados seeking hands-on experience. This list aims to consolidate the best Blockchain courses and training programs in India. The list will assist newcomers and experts in selecting the best course to help them advance in the thriving Blockchain industry.

IIT-M and Pixeltests’ Blockchain Course

Blockchain course by Pixeltests gives you 3 simple steps to start your Blockchain career & grow exponentially without relying on your current job or degree. Become a member of our exclusive Blockchain community of freshers & experienced professionals. Learn from World’s renowned, best computer scientist, Emeritus Chairperson of IIT Madras- Dr. Pandurangan. Get a blockchain certification by Pixeltests & IIT Madras CCE & earn more than 50 LPA! Know more about the IIM CCE and Pixeltests Blockchain technology course by signing up for a free masterclass today.

International Institute Of Information Technology Bangalore & upGrad 

IIIT Bangalore has partnered with upGrad to provide a framework for professional jobs to upskill in evolving technologies such as Blockchain, AI, data science, and more. It offers comprehensive hands-on expertise, with a focus on programming and continuing to work with the most recent Blockchain techniques used by businesses such as Ethereum and Hyperledger. Developing projects with guidance and advice from industry professionals and top technology firms is also part of it. The program also provides individualized industry mentorship from Blockchain specialists, as well as career guidance.


Simplilearn offers outcome-based online training for experts in digital techniques and applications such as Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, and others. Simplilearn's Blockchain Certification course provides candidates with hands-on training in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Multichain scenarios. A beginner will gain a strong knowledge of the fundamental Blockchain platforms, fully comprehend what Bitcoin is and how it works, learn key terms and concepts frequently used when addressing Blockchain, and fully comprehend why professionals are inspired to create an app with Ethereum. Practical experience in real-world Blockchain development scenarios will be gained through hands-on exercises and projects.

University of Amity

Amity strives to develop leaders who are not only knowledgeable experts but also good people with values. It boasts some of the most skilled thought leaders in the country, drawn from the world's best institutions. The program consists of 9 modules totaling 550+ learning hours. Students can interact with experts on Amity University campuses as well as through online lectures. It provides students with a 6-week remote apprenticeship with partner companies as well as career counseling to help them transition into the Blockchain space. It teaches the basics of Blockchain technology while also preparing students to develop Blockchain ideas and solutions across a variety of functional domains. The program includes Ethereum, Hyperledger, Quorum, Corda, and Auxledger Blockchain platform applications, as well as the use of Blockchain in conjunction with prospective technologies such as big data, AI, ML, analytics, and IoT.


IIIT-Hyderabad has extensive research facilities for language technologies, visual technologies, data engineering, Blockchain, security, and algorithms. Its Blockchain Center of Excellence is dedicated to academic research, technological development, innovation, and executive education. This 18-week program includes three 3-day (weekly) campus visits from IIIT Hyderabad, as well as live sessions and one-year online access and support. It is intended to assist Blockchain technology aspirants in understanding the technology and applications, analyzing real-time problems, performing cost analysis, developing applications, and other tasks. The course covers DLT fundamentals, building smart contracts on Ethereum, developing DApps on the Hyperledger platform, and more.

IBM Research

IBM Research is one of the largest and most powerful corporate research organizations in the world. It is India's first Blockchain course, covering both conceptual and application aspects of Blockchain technology. Students will also have access to the cloud-based IBM Blockchain Platform for hands-on experience. 


It is a global e-learning platform that provides live, instructor-led training in cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Data Science, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity. They provide short-term courses supported by online resources, as well as 24-hour lifetime support. This course is intended to familiarize students with the ideas, underlying principles, and application of Blockchain technology. It addresses the significance of transactional consensus, how transactions are stored on Blockchain, the history of Bitcoin, and how it is used. It also covers concepts on the Ethereum development platform, where students can use Ethereum to create their own private Blockchain environment.

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