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Designed by AI experts and educators for professionals, students, and academicians

We are a group of alumni of Indian Institutes of Technology and Ivy League Universities with decades of combined Emerging Technologies experience and teaching. This has given us a unique perspective and insight of this field that has enabled us to build a robust and comprehensive testing engine with a specific focus on professionals and students.

  • Whether you want to brush up on your Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts or need to evaluate the current level of your knowledge, our dynamic test engine is designed to do just that for you.
  • Whatever your level or role in an Information Technology, services or manufacturing company, or if you are a student, scholar or academician, taking stock of your awareness of this emerging field of technology will help you position yourself for the next move in your career, study, or research.

Features of Our Testing Engine

AI-powered & Adaptive

The testing engine itself is AI-powered and is designed to adapt to the taker’s current level of knowledge thus providing a truer picture.

100,000+ Questions on Diverse Topics

A huge test bank covering topics as diverse as quantum computing, blockchain, robotics, NLP, and many more.

Analytics & Leaderboard

See how you fared on your tests and where you rank compared to other global test takers. Detailed reports provide insights to your strengths and weaknesses.


Test takers can access the tests at any time of their choosing and can complete it at their inconvenience.

The Artificial Intelligence Tidal Wave

“The artificial intelligence tidal wave” is here. The emerging wave of automation technologies, not least of which are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), is undoubtedly already making its way through industry and academia.

The disruptive force that this represents for the workforce is one that is challenging yet exciting. In one scenario, McKinsey estimates that 13% of the current work activities performed in occupations that require college or advanced degrees in the USA could be displaced. It also estimates that 60 to 375 million individuals worldwide may need to transition to new occupational categories by 2030. Hence, one needs to understand and be prepared for what this transformation means for the future of work, study, and research.


From mid-career professionals to C-level executives, whereever you fall on the continuum, the challenges are two-fold:

  • Upskilling to in-demand technologies
  • Wrapping one’s head around how organizations are being transformed by these technologies.
  • Students and Academicians

    Even for those in academia, one needs to understand how these technologies are set to transform both how education is delivered and what will be taught.

    Step up. Now.

    Are you prepared for this AI & ML-infused future? Find out by taking a test administered by our AI and ML assessment test engine.



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